Travel Tips

General Tips:
  •      When traveling to different countries we need apply for visas in some countries in advance.  I found one of the best resources to answer some questions is the United States Department of The State.  You should also keep in mind if you are traveling to some countries, you may need additional vaccinations as well.
  • In our travels we have came across one very big problem and could alter your travel plans.  The past 2 trips to Asia we had a problem with the money changers. They only wanted new looking money, NO missing corners, rips, writing, or folded (except one made by a wallet).  This may not be the case in other countries.
  • A month before our travels I start my family on a multi strain Probiotic and a second Probiotic called Saccaromyces Boulardii that is good for international travel to help with digestive issues.  I learned on my first trip to Malaysia that digestive issues can really make a mess of your trip.  The cure was I started taking Probiotics half way through my trip and within 24 hours I was back eating and feel much better.
  • One thing I learned in Southeast Asia is that public restrooms are hard to come by and if you do find one then you better be prepare.  They are usually not very clean and worsted is they usually don’t have toilet paper.  My wife always makes each of us carry personal tissue packs.  Nothing worse than needing to use that bathroom and nothing to clean up with.
  • When in a country with monkeys running around free, always keep in mind that if you have any sort of bag.  Keep it up high as you can, this helps keep the monkeys from stealing your possessions.  Monkeys know that most bags have food in them and the monkeys will come after them.  Also remember that monkeys may be small and are mean and can cause you a lot of pain if one attacks you.  So be very careful around all wild animals even if the look cute and harmless.





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