Incheon – South Korea

In route to Malaysia, we had an 8 hour layover in Incheon, South Korea and decided to take a transit tour.  In December, it was cold in Incheon but with far less snow than the north eastern states.  This was a beautiful city and this Heungryunsa Buddhist Temple was a fabulous place to visit.  The temple is set on a hill looking out over the city with plenty of steps to climb.  When it comes to climbing steps I try to pay more attention to the attractions and not pay any attention to my burning thighs.  Most places in Asia seem to have plenty of steps to climb and go down.

Buddha in Incheon

 The light snow dusting throughout the temple gave it a peaceful view.

Buddhist Temple in Incheon

Buddhist temple in Incheon - Bell

Buddhist temple in Incheon

Incheon - South Korea

Incheon - South Korea

As for the city of Incheon it looked very clean, new, and inviting to visit.

Downtown Incheon, South Korea

Looking at the signs on the buildings you can pick out a few from the franchises from the United States.

Incheon - South Korea

Being from the United States, I often worry about the language barrier. Judging by our tour guide and the signs around town all have both English and Korean writing on them. So it doesn’t seem like there would be too much of a language barrier.

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