Hiking Batu Caves – Malaysia

PC260030Batu Caves is a must see location near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  If you like walking and climbing steps then Batu Caves is the right place to go. There is about 272 steps to climb just to get to the caves entrance. About every 10 to 20 steps you find a wider step that works great to take a break.  Just keep working your way to the top because it’s worth it.


The cave itself is beautiful with all the stalactites hanging down.  The day we visited the cave it was hot and humid making the climb up the steps for exciting.


From the top looking down you realize how far up you just climbed and in the back of your head you’ve had enough steps for the day.


What a great view from up here and now it’s time to go into the cave now that I’ve rested a bit.  So I turned around to enter the cave and almost cried.


There are more steps inside the cave that lead into a area of the cave that has no ceiling and in this area is a Indian Buddhist temple.


The ceiling at this section of the cave does not exist, it’s just sky.  The walls are like cliffs and climbing the walls are little monkeys.  Then I realize that there are monkeys running around everywhere along with the chickens and roosters.


My wife informed me to be careful not to step on their tails because they do get mean.  One tip about these little monkeys is that if you are carrying any bags you need to keep them up high or the monkeys will steal the bag and trust me you will be lucky if you get it back with the contents still in it.




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