Hanoi – Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the countries that I never thought I’d visit, worried me a little since The United  States was a part of the Vietnam war.  Everyone we met in Vietnam seemed friendly and helped us as much as they could.  We stayed in Hanoi the capital of Vietnam and had a great time.  The city is very busy place with people, little motor cycles, and mopeds going places. As for traffic lights, you were lucky if you found one.  Everyone just somehow made their way through intersections unharmed, which I don’t know how they did until I learned.

Hanoi vietnam - ride

Hanoi - Vietnam


Tip number 1: If you need to get across the street just walk straight across and don’t stop.  Might help if you close your eyes so you don’t see the traffic.  Trust me it works great.

Shortly after we arrive we decide we need to eat so we find a restaurant.  My favorite meal is asian soup.


This is a bowl of Pho and it was excellent but, please don’t ask me what it’s made of.  Not one person in the restaurant spoke anything but Vietnamese.

Hanoi - Vietnam

This is the chef of our bowl of pho. I tried to thank her but, she didn’t understand a word I said.


She had a big pot of soup or broth simmering beside her and when you order a bowl of Pho she would put all the ingredients in the bowl then fill the bowl with simmering  broth.  Then it was served to you.Hanoi - Vietnam

So here I am a 6 foot tall man sitting at a table that is not more than 18 to 20 inches off the ground and the stools were about the same size.

Hanoi - Vietnam

So as I’m eating my bowl of Pho I look up to see one of the restaurant staff sitting on the side of the road washing dishes.  I find this interesting since in the United States a restaurant would get closed for washing dishes on the side of the street.  Didn’t bother me a bit, I just finish my Pho and I would eat there again since this is normal here.


Paddy fields were everywhere as you got away from town, in fact when we were flying in I couldn’t stop looking out the window on the plane.  First thing I thought was that it had flooded in Vietnam.  Later learning that rice was grown everywhere.


In fact, I thing the town was built in the middles of the paddy fields with a road going in and out.  The people from the little villages worked the paddy fields what seemed to be all day.


Majority of the buildings were built narrow, very deep for front to back, and tall.


Most of the business and house were very nicely decorated in side and out.


Although I have to admit the electricians in Vietnam need to learn some wiring skills as you can see in this image.

Hanoi - Vietnam

I think this power pole picture sums it up better. I’d truly hate to have to find a bad connection here.

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