Chinatown – Downtown Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

One place in Kuala Lumpur that is a must to visit is Chinatown also known as Petaling Street or in Malaysia Jalan Petaling.  This is a place to shop for various things.

Chinatown - Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

In Chinatown, most things that are on sale do not have a sticker price on them.  If you are interested you need to haggle with the salesman.  If you are luck you get a great price and leave happy.  Sometimes you just can’t get a good deal at all.


You can buy cloths, shoes, watches, bags (Men and women’s), trinkets, and even DVDs.  The part that starts to get to me is that you can’t just look without someone trying to sell you something. One time a salesman tried to sell me some DVDs and I told him not and not 2 seconds after the one salesman left another one walked up and tried to sell me DVDs.


So what you have is store fronts behind the stands on the sidewalk. Later in the evening the center of the street will fill in with tables. Then you will have small walkways to walk threw and shop.


Such a great experience is you never had the chance to shop in Chinatown.


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