Beer of the world

This post is about the different beer I’ve tried around the world.

In Malaysia, I drank quite a lot of Tiger beer.  It’s probably one of the most popular beers in Malaysia.  Problem is that alcohol in Malaysia is quite expensive compared to other countries I have been in.


Vietnam – We drank both of these during our stay in Vietnam and I honestly think the 333 export beer was a bit less skunky tasting than the Bia Ha Noi beer.  I’m not at all picky, I’ll drink whats available.  If I had the choice of the 2 I’d take the 333 export beer.


Cambodia – On our visit to Seim Reap we had Angkor Beer and Cambodia Beer.  My good friend had traveled here before me and he claimed Angkor Beer was the best.  Well I disagree with him because I think Cambodia Beer was a much cleaner tasting beer.  My brother in laws sat in a restaurant drinking 50 cent drafts.  Yes, 50 US cents for a mug of beer.  This place is a beer drinkers paradise.

Tiger Beer

It is not wise to drink Tiger Beer with…


a Zebra Beer and then chase all that down with…


Dewar’s Scotch because you will not remember anything that evening. This would be better drinking any of these beers or scotch by themselves and not on the same evening.

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